SAP ABAP or advanced business applications programming is a programming language developed for SAP systems. The programming language is used to build and customise business applications.

Beat Education’s SAP ABAP course offers an integrated learning approach. The course combines theory with the real life applications of SAP. Through this course students will learn to use SAP ABAP in a flexible and skilled manner.

Key Topics:

  • Syntax and Concepts: Gain knowledge about the fundamentals of ABAP syntax and concepts.
  • ABAP Development: Understand how to use the ABAP Workbench and its features such as ABAP Designer, ABAP Dictionary, Screen Painter, and so on.
  • ABAP Data Dictionary: Learn how to define elements using the data dictionary.
  • ABAP Open SQL: Understand how to use ABAP Open SQL to perform database operations.

Jobs after SAP ABAP

After learning SAP ABAP you can get a job as a SAP systems developer. Developers will need to develop databases and modules from scratch.They can also help with systems customisation.

Who Should do SAP ABAP Course?

Anyone with experience in programming. Those who have completed their certifications in one of the SAP ERP modules can learn ABAP for more career opportunities.

Preferred qualification : B.Tech, MCA

Benefits of SAP ABAP

  • Robustness: SAP ABAP can be used to create robust systems, which can cope well with errors and unexpected inputs. A robust system is essential to handle a business’s operations.
  • Scalability: Using ABAP developers can create systems that can be scaled according to business growth.
  • Extensibility: The ABAP software allows developers to easily create new functionalities and capabilities.