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Your knowledge and expertise in any domain will definitely take you places, and not just in the physical sense, but career-wise as well. It is the same reason that choosing the right learning partner or institute becomes a decision of paramount importance. SAP certifications are well recognized around the world to give a fruitful direction to professional careers, but choosing the right training institute, still remains the most important step towards an aspiring career in IT. We are the best SAP Training institute in Calicut.

Everyone dreams of a job that is professionally and financially sustaining! A career that will be credential and help you build a skill set for the long term is important. SAP is one such career option that can fulfill all your career needs.

Today, we will be discussing the key attributes that why you should look for BEAT EDUCATION as the best SAP training institute, so that it will be easier for you to choose and take decision –

TRAINING AND MARKET EXPERTISE: The first and foremost thing that you should consider before finalizing the SAP training institute, is to look for how much collective training and market expertise it has to offer. If you choose to get trained at an institute which has no exposure to the real world, you will be wasting a good opportunity at hand. Beat has over 7 + years of industrial experience in SAP Training, and offers multiple SAP courses in the market. Additionally, Beat is also an authorized member of SAP Student Academy Program.

TEACHING METHODOLOGIES AND FACILITY: Once you are enrolled for your SAP Certification course, what really matters is the way that you are trained and certified. The process should not be tiring, so as to ensure that you don’t lose interest during the course, and it should be in line with the latest advancements in the industry, since obsolete methods will only impart obsolete knowledge in this field. BEAT trainers are certified experts in SAP-approved by SAP Global ensuring Quality of training, and are considered as the best SAP trainers in the state.

KNOWLEDGE USE AND APPLICABILITY ASSISTANCE: Only gaining certifications is not enough, you must know where and how to use the acquired knowledge in the best way to get returns. The SAP training institute you choose must have the infrastructure to guide you through the application part of your acquired knowledge, and should be available to be your career guide as well. Beat has trained & certified students and professionals with its advanced training facilities with latest teaching methodologies, making them ready for the global market. 

LEGACY AND ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS: Last, but not the least thing that you should consider before enrolling for your SAP certification is the past performance statistics of the training academy. You should look for the legacy that they have created over the years to understand the whole culture.

Additionally, taking example of Beat which offers additional support with soft skills, knowledge about different domains, cross – module product skills, understanding of technical plus functional areas and other interpersonal skills, you should also see if the institute is offering any additional benefits with the SAP course to further boost your career.

Why Choose SAP Career?

#It is in demand

Resources are claiming 21% job growth for computer system analysts from 2014-2024! The domains utilizing SAP modules are increasing.

Thus, it can be inferred that demand for SAP solutions and consultants is still in a booming stage. SAP being a solution to make organizations process-oriented and automated, will always be in trend and will grow tremendously in future.

#It is Interesting

From analysis, planning to execution, a SAP consultant is involved in all processes of business. Also, it can be technical and functional both, thus, giving you a choice of work you want!

#Transferable skills

The skills learned through SAP training can be applied and utilized to other parts of the organization such as training, business processes, and management. Hence, there are future growth aspects to this profile including management!


BEAT – Fast-track your career in SAP!

With over 7+ years of experience in SAP training, we are committed to offer highest quality education, catering to the different training demands. Beat is an authorized Member of SAP Student Academy Program and understands SAP ecosystem and market trends better than others. Established in India in 2014, providing SAP Placement

We offer training programs to

  • Fresh graduates
  • Domain experts & experienced SAP consultants
  • SAP end-users

Get in touch with us if you have any queries related to SAP Certification and to enroll yourself Best SAP Training institute in Calicut 







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