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SAP FICO is one of the SAP ERP modules. ERP or enterprise resource planning refers to software used for managing a business’s operations. SAP ERP has different modules for each type of operation. The SAP FICO module is used to manage financial accounting and controlling.

Beat Educations’ SAP FICO course offers an integrated learning approach. The course combines theory with the real life applications of SAP. Through this course students will learn to use SAP in a flexible and skilled manner.

The SAP FICO course covers the following sub-modules:

  • Accounts Receivables: Learn all about customer transactions and how to manage customer accounts.
  • Accounts Payables: This section teaches you about vendor transactions and managing vendor accounts.
  • Asset Accounting: Understand how to manage transactions related to a company’s assets.
  • General Ledger Accounting: A general ledger is a set of a business’s accounts, including expenses, liabilities , assets, revenue, and expenses. Learn how to manage an organisation’s general ledger accounts using SAP FICO.
  • Bank Accounting: Learn how to perform bank related functions.

Job Opportunities After SAP FICO

After completing the SAP FICO certification, you can become a SAP FICO consultant. This job involves working with the finance and IT departments of a business. Consultants must provide assistance to the finance department in setting up systems, clarifying reporting requirements and doubts related to it and managing authorisations. They must work alongside the IT department to come up with new solutions for a business’s needs.

Who Should do SAP FICO Course?

Anyone with a degree or experience in business management, accounting or software can benefit from a SAP certification.

Preferred qualification: CA, CMA, B.COM, BBA, or MBA

Benefits of SAP FICO

  • Streamlined processes: SAP FICO can be used to make the processes in financial reporting and analysis more effective.
  • Scalability: The module can be scaled up from a single business unit to an entire corporation.
  • Integration: With SAP FICO reporting and analysis can be integrated with other processes such as sales and distribution, manufacturing and product planning.