At Beat, we provide the best SAP material management course in Calicut. SAP MM is a software solution integrated for well management of logistics functions of a company. Logistic management is the management of the supply chain. Logistic management activities consist of inbound and outbound transportation management, warehousing, material handling, order completion, inventory management etc. Logistic function also includes customer service, sourcing, production planning and scheduling, packaging etc. Logistics is an important part of planning and execution. Logistic management includes numerous elements such as choosing the right vendors with ability to provide transportation facilities, finding the most effective routes for transporting, finding the most effective delivery methods etc.

What happens if logistics is miss managed?

Logistic management if not managed wisely can create multiple issues. For instance: deliveries are failed, or deliveries can be delayed, damage of goods due to careless transportation etc. Thus, if mismanaged, it can lead to huge expenses. Poor logistics gradually increases expenses. Implementing the right software in an effective way can help in tackling these problems. SAP MM module manages materials required, processed and produced in an enterprise.

Different types of SAP MM include Vendor master data, consumption-based planning, purchasing, inventory management, invoice verification etc.

Delivery Model: Classroom

Duration : 40 Days of Instructor-Led Training.

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