23 May, 2023 5 Reasons Why Certification Courses Can Boost Your Career

Every year around 4.75 million Indians enter the labour force. If you want to come out on top, you need to be in your best form. A great way to outshine the others is by gaining industry relevant skills through certification courses.

Certification courses can assuredly increase your employment opportunities and give your career a much-needed push. These courses offer you the chance to gain insights into industry specific skills. Learning new skills is crucial to succeeding in the modern employment landscape. Certification courses are often the most practical and effective way to acquire these useful skills.

A Brief Definition on Certification Courses

Certification courses are short term programmes which train you in a specific skill area.There are certification courses for every skill you can imagine, even ice cream making! Now if ice cream making doesn’t appeal to you, there are several accredited courses in high-demand skills. Having one of these professional certifications can be a nifty addition to your resume.

How Certification Courses Can Boost Your Career

Here are five of the main reasons why you should look into certification courses to propel your career:

1. Certification Course vs. Diploma

There are several benefits to choosing a certification course over a diploma. Diplomas usually cover a broader range of subject matter, while certification courses have a fixed focus. While diplomas start from the foundations, certification courses stick to the essential parts of any subject area. Thus certification courses can provide you with the knowledge which is directly relevant to your industry. Additionally, industry experts handle certification courses, which will give you credibility in the specific industry you choose.

2. Flexible Schedule

Certification courses offer a great deal of flexibility. You are free to choose times that are convenient for you. If you have a part-time job or some other responsibilities, you can continue your education in your leisure time. This makes them a preferable option to rigid courses with fixed timings. Furthermore, certification courses have a variety of options such as online learning and weekend classes. This makes it simple to gain valuable skills that will aid you in your career.

3. Time-Efficient

When compared to other certifications, certification courses are less time-consuming. On average, it takes around three years to earn a degree and at least one year to earn a diploma. Not everyone can devote that much time towards getting a certification, especially those eager to enter the workforce.

Compared to this, certification courses are more time-efficient. They only last around three to seven months. In this limited time span, you can learn key skills that can fast-track your career. You will also be able to enrol in courses which deal with your specific area of interest and can avoid getting sidetracked by a massive course load.

4. Stand out to Employers

Having additional certifications on your resume is beneficial when applying for jobs. It ensures that employers will take notice of you. Employers need to know that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform a job. Applicants who have completed certification courses have solid evidence that they have specialised knowledge.This is why completing these courses will make you more desirable to employers looking for new hires with technical knowledge.

5. Get Better Salary Packages

If you have completed certification courses, you can negotiate for a higher salary. Your certifications prove that you have a valuable skill set that will benefit the company. Since certification courses help you gain practical skills and knowledge, which would usually require years of experience, they make you a valuable asset for your employer. Thus, certification courses enhance your value as an employee and are an effective negotiating tool to raise your salary.

A Great Opportunity

Certification courses are an ideal option for your professional advancement.There are multiple courses available that can help you to become better equipped to further your career. You can look into enrolling in one to get the ball rolling in your career. They can also help you stay updated and relevant in the workforce.